Deep Deuce in OKC

The Deep Deuce district is located in downtown Oklahoma City, roughly between Main Street and NE 4th Street, from Broadway to I-235.

Known for its African-American heritage, Deep Deuce is recapturing its glory days as a vibrant urban neighborhood. During the 1920s and 1930s, the area was a hotbed of jazz music and African-American culture. The neighborhood has undergone a renaissance with many large-scale apartments and condominium. The cozy neighborhood offers a great walkable environment with a variety of restaurants, pet friendly businesses, art galleries, and an ever-growing list of new amenities

Deep Deuce business owners and stakeholders have recently begun meeting to organize the district, create events, and to promote the area. The meetings occur as needed and will be posted here.  For more information, call Downtown OKC Partnership at (405) 235-3500 or email us.