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Perspective: An Inquiry into the Literal and Conceptual Sense of the Word

by An Ha and Clover Bitting-Cheek

Using the literal translation of perspective, one is shown unconventional variations on the human eye perceiving the world around it. It is known that in order to make sense of the world around us, our brain fills in the gaps of what is–or rather what isn’t–there. The work that approaches the inquiry of perspective from this stance explores this concept.

The conceptual approach to perspective is explored through our ideologies. One which focuses on human relationships within the bigger picture: “something versus nothing” and the [in]significance of our existence in relation to that which is larger or smaller than ourselves. The other identifies an ever-pervasive feeling of loneliness within individual relationships or the concept that one will never be able to fully understand another person’s perspective.

Having two drastically contrasting backgrounds, this exhibition is an attempt to reconcile those two opposing viewpoints and answer the question: what is the nature of human perspective, and how does the human race attempt to mend the gap between this difference?


Jazz, Civil rights
and Black Culture

Deep Deuce is known for its historical importance as the center for black culture in Oklahoma City. It was home to warehouse district workers in nearby Bricktown after the 1889 Land Run and grew to become the hub for local blues and jazz musicians throughout the 1940s and ’50s.

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Deep Deuce boasts amazing retail shops, bars, restaurants, and more. Aloft Hotel sits on the SW corner of 2nd and Walnut and offers modern hotel rooms, conference facilities and a stunning rooftop view.

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