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Don’t expect a romantic vision of the mountains when you look at Riccarda de Eccher’s work. You will not find the sentimental, dramatic landscapes which most artists represented in the XIX century, when Nature mirrored the mood of the painter.
Because she scaled the highest summits in the world, including Mount Everest, de Eccher knows her subject better than anybody. After years of mountain climbing under the most extreme conditions, she now transfers her passion on paper: a new challenge just as enticing and demanding. She transposes her experience by capturing the essence of the Dolomites, the mountain she prefers, which is situated in the northern Italian Alps. Using watercolor as her medium, de Eccher continues her Quest, letting the current of energy going through her hand. Because she is familiar with these majestic peaks, her pictorial lines often coincide with climbing ones. Emerging in front of your eyes, Marmolada, Croda da Lago, Pisciadù, Gruppo del Sella, where geometric, angular structures of the rock formations, shrouded in mist, dusted with snow, glimmer and vibrate under a unique light.
However, de Eccher’s mountains remain mysterious and… magical. It will be up to you to decipher their enigma!


Jazz, Civil rights
and Black Culture

Deep Deuce is known for its historical importance as the center for black culture in Oklahoma City. It was home to warehouse district workers in nearby Bricktown after the 1889 Land Run and grew to become the hub for local blues and jazz musicians throughout the 1940s and ’50s.

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Deep Deuce boasts amazing retail shops, bars, restaurants, and more. Aloft Hotel sits on the SW corner of 2nd and Walnut and offers modern hotel rooms, conference facilities and a stunning rooftop view.

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